Designing Irresistible Futures


We work to design your future so irresistible

At Folks, we help leaders and visionaries understand the complex present to design irresistible futures. We are committed to creating responsible brands with social and environmental impact.

Through disruptive innovation, collaborative ecosystems, humanistic technology, and new narratives, we empower purpose-driven companies to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

We uniquely combine humanities and social sciences with strategic design, futures studies, and communication. This enables brands to navigate complex social challenges with authenticity, positive impact, and sustainable growth.

Understanding cultural complexity is essential for brands looking to advance and authentically connect with diverse audiences. We apply insights from the humanities and social sciences to provide a deep understanding of cultural trends, behaviors and values. This allows brands to navigate cultural complexities and create resonant and impactful strategies.

Using cultural insights to anticipate future trends and inform long-term strategic planning.

Conducting immersive research to understand the lived experiences and cultural contexts of different audience segments.

Applying philosophical frameworks to understand the foundational beliefs and values that shape cultural contexts.

Identifying and analyzing emerging cultural trends that influence consumer behavior and market dynamics.

Identifying the cultural drivers that motivate consumer decisions and brand loyalty.

Segmenting audiences based on cultural behaviors and preferences to tailor marketing strategies effectively.

Integrating historical and cultural contexts into brand storytelling to deepen authenticity and resonance.

Facilitating workshops that leverage cultural insights to inspire innovation and creative problem-solving.

In a competitive market, a strong and authentic brand identity is essential for standing out and creating lasting connections with audiences. Our Branding services focus on developing unique, purpose-driven identities that resonate with consumers and reflect the core values of your organization.

Helping brands articulate their purpose and mission, ensuring they align with core values and societal expectations.

Crafting positioning strategies that highlight your brand’s unique value proposition and differentiate it from competitors.

Structuring brand portfolios to create clarity, synergy, and effective market segmentation.

Conducting thorough assessments of your brand’s current position, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Creating distinctive visual elements that capture the essence of your brand and ensure a cohesive brand presence.

Developing compelling verbal elements that communicate your brand’s story and ensure consistency in tone and voice.

Define the values ​​and behaviors that will guide the culture of your brand and the people in your organization.

Advising on the integration of ethical considerations into branding strategies, ensuring alignment with core values and fostering trust with audiences.

Establishing and expanding networks of partners, suppliers, customers, and other key stakeholders to create a robust and interconnected business ecosystem.

The communication is key to the success of brands, we offer specialized strategies that enable purpose-driven brands to deeply connect with their audiences. We help brands navigate and communicate complex issues such as sustainability, gender, climate and social justice, in an authentic and effective manner, respecting their unique identity and differentiation.

We craft stories that reflect your brand's values and mission, resonating with audiences and creating genuine connections.

We develop strategies to address and communicate complex and sensitive topics respectfully and constructively.

Crafting compelling narratives that communicate your brand’s sustainability efforts in a way that aligns with your unique values and mission. We ensure these stories reflect your brand’s personality and resonate with your audience.

We help brands communicate their efforts and achievements social responsibility, strengthening their credibility and trust.

Utilizing critical theory to analyze and critique cultural narratives, power structures, and societal norms, providing brands with a deeper understanding of the socio-political landscape.

We advise on creating inclusive messages that promote diversity and equity.

We use the power of stories to inspire and mobilize audiences towards positive actions.

Developing content that reflects local cultural nuances and values, building stronger connections with regional audiences.


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Customers’ lives are constantly shaped by unpredictable global forces. According to recent statistics, 72% of customers say that external factors influence their lives more than ever, while 60% indicate that their priorities change depending on what is happening in the world. At the same time, 95% of B2C and B2B company executives recognize that customers change faster than companies can adapt.

Thoroughly understanding customers, whose expectations constantly fluctuate, becomes crucial for businesses. Adopting a life-centered vision involves being aware of the economic, social and cultural forces that influence life and finding ways to respond to them by creating value for all.

This approach facilitates the construction of more adaptable and flexible businesses, with greater diversification and responsibility in the face of social challenges. It is essential to recognize that the era in which companies focused exclusively on maximizing profits is over. Contemporary business models transcend their own borders and are integrated into social and environmental systems, caring about their well-being and using these aspects as drivers of innovation.

For example, Nike is not just a sportswear brand; challenges stereotypes and gender roles and promotes access to sport for all. Therefore, companies that opt for life-centered strategies are willing to boldly innovate in all aspects of their operations, better positioning themselves to remain relevant and thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

Finally, the future demands designing new paths in an unprecedented scenario, where creativity and imagination become allies to forge a better future.

Values and areas that we use as drivers of innovation

For a brand or organization to have a transformative impact on the planet and culture today, it is essential to operate based on the values of cooperation, reciprocity, generosity, and adaptation.

These principles are inspired by the concept of Regeneration, which involves being conscious of our environment and future challenges, giving more than we receive to generate the greatest positive impact possible, and innovating to adapt quickly to changes.

Additionally, it is crucial for brands to continually surprise, exceeding expectations in every experience. These attributes are fundamental for leading and thriving in the current and future context.

A conscientious approach to our responsibilities towards society and the environment to delve into human truths and address issues and needs correctly. We recognize all living beings as strategic assets, adopting a life-centric approach that builds value not only for customers but for the entire ecosystem, integrating ethics and awareness into every aspect of our business strategy.

With an infinity of choice possibilities, loyalty fades away; building an interconnected vision is essential. By creating sustainable long-term relationships and contributing strategically, we forge interconnected ecosystems of people, organizations, and companies with shared values. By positively differentiating ourselves, we build a vision that transcends expectations, connecting brands and customers in a network of shared meaning.

The speed of adoption and instant feedback are defining the success of brands. We are confronted with the reality of shifting frameworks and the need to respond to increasingly elevated expectations. In this dynamic context, our ability to continuously adapt, innovate, and maintain an agile mindset allows us not only to survive but to thrive amidst complexity and the rapid pace of change.

In an environment of heightened expectations, the ability to continually exceed customer expectations becomes essential. To achieve this, we must design extraordinary experiences that resonate with the needs and aspirations of our audience. By anticipating constantly evolving demands, embracing agility, and offering solutions that not only satisfy but also inspire, we create a lasting emotional bond with customers.