Tecnología Social

Tecnología Social

Ayudamos a abrir caminos hacia una tecnológica más inclusiva y responsable

Branding, diseño y estrategia para organizaciones y marcas centradas en la tecnología social, accesible y responsable

Nos enfrentamos a la necesidad apremiante de crear soluciones inclusivas y socialmente responsables que beneficien a toda la sociedad. A menudo, la tecnología puede quedarse rezagada en abordar las necesidades de comunidades desfavorecidas o no cumplir con su potencial para generar un impacto positivo a gran escala. Es vital superar esta problemática y asegurarnos de que la tecnología sea una fuerza impulsora para el bienestar común.

En Folks, creemos en el poder del branding, diseño y estrategia para impulsar la adopción de tecnologías con un enfoque social, accesible y para el bien común. Colaboramos con empresas y organizaciones para crear identidades de marca que reflejen su compromiso con la inclusión y el impacto positivo en la sociedad. Mediante mensajes significativos y creativos, destacamos la importancia de la tecnología transformadora y su capacidad para generar un cambio social positivo.

¿Cómo podemos potenciar tu marca u organización para que deje una huella perdurable en la sociedad?

Para que las organizaciones crezcan en la dirección correcta deben ser conscientes, aditivos y vivos. Estas tres cualidades brindan una dirección clara para obtener resultados significativos.


Debes ser consciente de las profundas necesidades humanas, responsabilizarse de sus impactos en el mundo, incorporar una variedad de perspectivas en la toma de decisiones, así como aplicar enfoques sistémicos para reconocer la interconexión de los desafíos sociales, ambientales y comerciales.


Debes dar más de lo que recibes para construir un ecosistema interconectado. Esto implica involucrar a las partes interesadas en un diálogo significativo, preguntando ‘¿cómo podemos resolver esto juntos?’, desarrollar estrategias y experiencias centradas en las comunidades y generar valor positivo para todos.


Dees adoptar una mentalidad de crecimiento orientada hacia la mejora continua y la innovación, estar cómodo con la incertidumbre y adaptarse creativamente a la transformación constante de la sociedad y la cultura. Las organizaciones vivas pasan de decisiones reactivas a estrategias adaptativas.


Si tu empresa o proyecto tecnológico se esfuerza por generar un impacto positivo en la sociedad y beneficiar al bien común, estamos aquí para trabajar contigo. Trabajemos juntos para desarrollar una identidad de marca auténtica y una estrategia efectiva que impulse tecnologías socialmente responsables y accesibles.


We work to design your future so irresistible

Folks, a strategic design studio committed to positive transformation, has been dedicated to driving brands, organizations and movements guided by purpose towards strategic success with a beneficial impact on the world.

+15 years, we have collaborated from the most iconic brands in the world to visionary startups and non-profit organizations, both in the national and international markets, covering a wide variety of sectors and needs.

We unite strategy, identity and experience to drive positive impact inside and outside an organization and to explore new frontiers. We move businesses, people, and the world forward.

In a world with increasingly complex challenges, having a clear vision and direction is crucial. We help companies navigate this uncertain landscape by exploring potential futures and designing strategies that pave the way towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Brands have the responsibility and opportunity to lead this change by aligning their strategies with social values and positively contributing to the well-being of people and the planet.

Identity is not just about simple asset identifiers. It's about doing the right thing through actions and ethical behaviors. We call it: responsible leadership. We turn your identity into a catalyst for change that drives your efforts, transforming your vision of the future into a reality that people can experience today.

The experience is no longer about simple transactions; it's about transformation. Brands that recognize this emerge as leaders of change. Today, people's expectations towards brands are higher than ever, and loyalty is fragile. That's why it's not enough to proclaim who we are; we must demonstrate it with tangible actions. It's about moving towards a common good: our employees, customers, community, and planet.


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Customers’ lives are constantly shaped by unpredictable global forces. According to recent statistics, 72% of customers say that external factors influence their lives more than ever, while 60% indicate that their priorities change depending on what is happening in the world. At the same time, 95% of B2C and B2B company executives recognize that customers change faster than companies can adapt.

Thoroughly understanding customers, whose expectations constantly fluctuate, becomes crucial for businesses. Adopting a life-centered vision involves being aware of the economic, social and cultural forces that influence life and finding ways to respond to them by creating value for all.

This approach facilitates the construction of more adaptable and flexible businesses, with greater diversification and responsibility in the face of social challenges. It is essential to recognize that the era in which companies focused exclusively on maximizing profits is over. Contemporary business models transcend their own borders and are integrated into social and environmental systems, caring about their well-being and using these aspects as drivers of innovation.

For example, Nike is not just a sportswear brand; challenges stereotypes and gender roles and promotes access to sport for all. Therefore, companies that opt for life-centered strategies are willing to boldly innovate in all aspects of their operations, better positioning themselves to remain relevant and thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

Finally, the future demands designing new paths in an unprecedented scenario, where creativity and imagination become allies to forge a better future.

Four areas that we use as drivers of innovation

Being aware of our context and future challenges, giving more than we receive to deliver the greatest positive impact possible, constantly surprising to exceed expectations in experiences, and innovating to adapt to the context rapidly and meet the fast-changing demands and behaviors of customers are all essential aspects of navigating this future landscape.

A conscientious approach to our responsibilities towards society and the environment to delve into human truths and address issues and needs correctly. We recognize all living beings as strategic assets, adopting a life-centric approach that builds value not only for customers but for the entire ecosystem, integrating ethics and awareness into every aspect of our business strategy.

With an infinity of choice possibilities, loyalty fades away; building an interconnected vision is essential. By creating sustainable long-term relationships and contributing strategically, we forge interconnected ecosystems of people, organizations, and companies with shared values. By positively differentiating ourselves, we build a vision that transcends expectations, connecting brands and customers in a network of shared meaning.

The speed of adoption and instant feedback are defining the success of brands. We are confronted with the reality of shifting frameworks and the need to respond to increasingly elevated expectations. In this dynamic context, our ability to continuously adapt, innovate, and maintain an agile mindset allows us not only to survive but to thrive amidst complexity and the rapid pace of change.

In an environment of heightened expectations, the ability to continually exceed customer expectations becomes essential. To achieve this, we must design extraordinary experiences that resonate with the needs and aspirations of our audience. By anticipating constantly evolving demands, embracing agility, and offering solutions that not only satisfy but also inspire, we create a lasting emotional bond with customers.